Gurbaani Radio

For the Live Broadcast of the Gurbani programme from Gurdwara Sahib Glenwood, please click on the link below.

Live kirtan Gurudwara Sahib Glenwood

Our service is based on streaming audio sent in compressed form over the internet and displayed as it arrives. You do not have to wait for the whole file to be downloaded before you can hear it, instead the media is sent in a continuous stream and is played immediately as it reaches your computer. Please note that during live broadcasts there can be a delay of approximately 1-2 minutes, depending on traffic through your Internet Service Provider.

Frequently Asked Questioned (FAQs)

Q: The live audio stream usually works, but at the moment it just says ‘connecting’ or ‘buffering.’ I’ve waited a long time and it doesn’t change. What should I do?

A: It’s possible that your player is stuck; the best strategy to reset any piece of software is to reboot your computer. It’s amazing how many computer problems can be fixed with a simple reboot. If the stream usually plays and rebooting does not work for you then it’s possible that the live stream is down at the other end.

Q: How do I receive content behind a firewall?

A: If you are behind a company firewall (or proxy server), you may have trouble viewing streaming media content. To overcome this problem, you will need to;

  • connect to the broadcast site from outside the firewall or
  • ask your IT department to configure the firewall to allow streaming media access from within your network

If you have difficulty streaming, you should check a few basic points first

  • Refresh Your Machine: Try to clear some memory; empty your temporary internet cache folder and empty out your recycling bin. You might also try to restart or reboot your computer to free up more of the system memory.
  • Check The Volume Settings: Most likely you will have a speaker icon in the lower right hand corner of your desktop (in the taskbar). Double-click on this icon. This will bring up a control panel for your soundcard. In the Volume Control channel, there will be two sliders. The top slider controls balance between your speakers (left side, right side) and the lower slider adjusts volume. Make sure the lower slider is UP and not towards the bottom.
  • Check The Speakers: Make sure the speakers are connected to your computer and the actual volume knob on your speakers is turned up.