Bhai Gurdas Ji Library:

The education of Sikh children and youths is the highest priority for Gurdwara Sahib management and members. The primary purpose of Gurdwara Library is to provide books, materials and services which will help each person develop his or her faith in Sikhism. To this end, the Library staff continually updates the books, periodicals, videos, and other materials available, maintains the library setting, and encourages patronage. Suggestions for materials to better serve you is also encouraged.

Gurdwara library has many resources available for your use. The library has hundreds of books, videos, DVDs, assorted CDs,  and other material

  • Sikhism
  • Spirituality
  • Translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Life stories of Guru Sahibs

The library also has books for young children (illustrated books), youth (in English, Hindi and Punjabi) and elders. These books and other items can be checked out for 21 days.

Library catalog is made available online so that you can search for available books at library. Please navigate the left menu. Registration form is also made available so that you can download it, print it at home and bring it to library for quick registration.